This week I will be peer reviewing Emma’s website I am encouraged to look into the “brand” presented on the website, design decisions, and content. 

To start off, my first impression of Emma’s website was that it is a personal blog. The title headline of the website is “[Not So] Eloquent Emma”, which appeals to more of a lifestyle blog rather than a brand itself. The blog posts section as you scroll down allows you to identify that the website is about books and movies, most specifically, Emma’s reviews on books and movies. Therefore, I can assume that the “brand” she attempts to build is of a review/rating service to her public. By reading her first process post, I was able to understand more about her public: book lovers and movie watchers. I think she has done a great job in developing a professional self over something she enjoys.

Moving on, Emma’s design decisions clearly point out to a personal blog, as well as a book/movie review website. The plant decoration in between the posts create a very personal touch to the website. Also, the icon Emma created is really cool and definitely creates an authentic vibe. However, in terms of categorizing content, I believe Emma could benefit from having menus that include her academic work for this course. I was confused with where to find her process post, as her academic category was not in her menus. Maybe having two menus for academics and blog posts would be a better way to categorize her website content. Also, in order to makes things clearer and easier to navigate, I would recommend having a static homepage rather than all the posts as a scroll. 

Lastly, Emma’s content is really authentic and captivating. I feel like you don’t even have to be in love with books/movies to be engaged in her writing. She gives really nice tips in her posts and very interesting comments. Her writing flows nicely, and it is easy to read. She gives it a personal touch by using informal language, allowing her public to identify with her writing. 

Overall, Emma has done a really nice job with her website. I believe she is moving towards the right direction with her content, yet she could work a bit on the design of the website in order to make it easier to navigate through.

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