This week we had the change to go to the Media and Make Commons at the Burnaby campus in order to learn about different media making processes. Instead of going to lecture, we went on a tour of the Commons area where they have 3D printing, laser cutting, audio making and VR productions.

I was fascinated by the 3D printing and VR sessions. It is crazy to see how technology has come so far and we are now able to have such resources at our school. I learned that it takes a lot of time for 3D printing to finalize a piece, almost as much as 5 hours. I also learned about laser cutting and how it can it be really dangerous if you don’t know how to use it.

Moreover, I think the field trip was a great way to allow me to see how ideas come to be reality. Throughout the tour, I thought about how my website could benefit from VR contents and maybe audio making. For instance, allowing my public to view the cities they are reading about on my website, and going to the places I’m recommending. Of course it would be very difficult to make it an actual thing, yet maybe one day it could happen. I was thinking some sort of application people would download, with a monthly subscription which gives you access to the VR content.

Overall, this week I worked a lot on the design of my website in order to make it as professional as possible, but with a personal touch at the same time. I finally got to where I wanted and I am very happy with the design and content I am creating.

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