This week, we had Mauve Pagé as a guest speaker in lectures talking about best practices in design and reviewing the role of logos.

She began by explaining that branding is not a logo. Although we associate a a famous logo to a brand, there are many design decisions that were well thought of in order to create this association in people’s mind. People are able to recognize logos if you do a good job in branding overall. Logo recognition is a key element of branding.

Moving further, a brand by definition is a a set of image and associations in the minds of individual consumer. In other words, brand is what they say about you when you are not in the room. In order to successfully build a brand, you should invest in strategy, design, storytelling, value, truth, proof, and consistency. 

Mauve spent quite a lot of time on the design of our websites. She claimed that your design approach is very important when communicating with your audience. In relation to my topic, I believe my design choices reflect exactly what I want to communicate with my audience.

Mauve also mentioned fonts, and we learned how they are crucial for depicting your website’s theme. The typeface I used is legible and has its personality. It is simple yet aesthetic at the same time. It contains a personal touch while also contributing to an easy read. Because my posts tend to be a bit lengthy, I believe my typeface should not be hard to read.

Lastly, Mauve presented these questions you need to ask yourself in order to build a brand:

  • who are you? a global citizen eager to share her experiences with others
  • who needs to know? family and adventurous travelers
  • how will they find out? social media (Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram)

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