This week I was not able to attend lecture. Therefore, I will base today’s process post on this week’s question: is your mission statement/value proposition/mandate aligned with your audience? How do you know who your audience is? 

Being completely honest, I never thought about the idea of having a mission statement on my website. Given that its primary purpose was a personal blog, I did not think it would be significant. Yet, this shift to the branding world has made me realize a mission statement is one of the key things to have in you website. When thinking about it design wise, I would place it on my “About” section which is also my homepage. From the top of my head, my mission statement would look somewhat like “dedicated to make you live the real experience”.

Moreover, when talking about value proposition. I would say my biggest strengths are: authentic and curated travel tips/service, tips/stories beyond famous tourist attractions, and getting readers to experience the locals’ reality in foreign countries. Not only that, but ensuring that a friendly relationship is formed between myself and the audience, working for an individualized customer service, with immediate responses to comments and complaints. In this business, reliability and availability are key.

When it comes to knowing who my audience is, I rely on Google Analytics. From it, I discovered my number one public is located in Canada, and a big percentage is located in Brazil as well (since my whole extended family is from there). The remaining users are located across Japan, the US and Portugal. Through Analytics, I found that my most popular blog post is Havana, Cuba – Part 2 and secondly, Tripoli, Libya. This wasn’t a surprise for me since Cuba and Libya are the most distinct and unique places I have lived in, and people are always fascinated to learn more about life in those countries.

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