This week we had a guest speaker Lauren Cheal who spoke to us about storytelling in corporate/organizational communications. She mentioned material such as press releases, advertising campaigns, corporate news magazines and movement building which are all used to strengthen your storytelling. The most important thing I got from Cheal’s lecture is that storytelling is all about building an emotional connection and relationships with your audience. It’s about trusting them with your story and most importantly, showing them they can trust you.

The website shows hows the agency makes books, videos, brand stories, and digital content that make their customers rise in their business. Going from customers to ambassadors.The agency talks about making your employees feel proud of where they work and empowering others to do what you do. I believe ECHO agency really explains how storytelling is what makes you special and unique in the market.

When it comes to my story, I believe my purpose is to offer my readers a real experience in certain destinations, and to widen their perspective around different local realities. Hopefully, in the future, I’ll be able to inspire others trough storytelling.

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