This week we are looking into social media and how they are really good for customer communication and to make your business grow. Based on lecture, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube enhance brand exposure, traffic, and interaction.

Indeed, when thinking about brands and businesses nowadays, almost 99% of the brands and businesses I’m interested in have an account on either Instagram or Facebook. Having a social media account has become a must nowadays in order to reach young people and expand your business. It allows you to be consistent and interactive. It will remind audiences that you are always there and that you care about their feedback. You are interested in listening and engaging with them. I’d actually say that one of your first steps if you are a young entrepreneur is to set up your eye catching account with amazing photography.

Personally, I am still behind with linking my website to my social media. I am looking into creating a new Instagram account which I believe is great for my blog content. On Instagram I will post pictures of the places I have visited and would always link back to my website. The plan is to capture audience attention through breathtaking pictures on Instagram and take them to the website in order to get to know more about my work. I would also interact with my audience through stories: such as asking them questions through conversation boxes. I would follow my target audience in order to know what they are doing and what they are interested in.

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