This week we had an unusual lecture. Due to the COVID-19 incident, our lecture and tutorial were held online.

Today, we were shown how to activate Yoast SEO, a plugin that controls titles and meta descriptions, sets your targeted keywords and tracks how often you’re using them, manage sitemaps, and so much more. Basically, Yoast lets us know how the SEO is looking and gives recommendations if anything is going wrong.

Personally, I think activating Yoast will be good to increase my social presence online and will contribute to a higher ranking on social media. Given that I’m using analytics, Yoast will contribute even more to Google searches related to my website.

Moreover, given our current situation with moving away from in-person classes, I have had more time to work on my website. I made a few changes to improve my social media presence, such as adding a “contact” menu on the menu tab on the right top corner, making it easier for my audience to know where they can reach me (even though I have enabled a comment section on all my blog and academic posts). I believe that adding my Instagram and my email will make people more comfortable to reach me, as their comments won’t be posted on the website where evrybody could see it.

Another change I made was pinning one of my blog posts “Havana, Cuba – Part 2” to my homepage, because I think that is one of my best posts so far. I also think it is a crucial post to understand my journey as a global citizen.

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