How can I start? Havana is one of the most unique and extraordinary cities you will ever visit! The capital of Cuba is home to breathtaking Caribbean beaches, crazy night life, and local culture.

From my previous posts, you are now an expert of how things work in Cuba. Dirty bumpy roads, sultry heat, buildings falling to pieces, etc… But don’t let this lower your expectations. Havana can be your favorite destination!

When in La Habana, I got to live the real Cuban experience with my friends. So make sure to try out every single tip on this list: 

1. go for a walk at the Malecón 
just by spending a couple of minutes on a busy day or night at the Malecón, you will fall in love with the Cuban culture. You’ll come across strangers dancing to raggaeton, talking, drinking, and smoking. Make sure to buy some local treats from street vendors that will only cost you a dollar, or not even.

2. visit the Fábrica de Arte Cubano 
La Fábrica is where art galleries, performances and dance floors come together. It is definitely the place where my friends and I had our best nights out. And if you read this post, you’ll know La Fábrica is also where famous artists go to when they visit Cuba.

3. visit the Hotel Nacional de Cuba 
a luxury hotel in Havana with amazing views. A great place to have a nice fancy meal and frozen margaritas while the sun sets. Also, a good place to access the Internet by buying Internet “card codes”. 
Make sure you are not ripped off with these Internet cards. Some people may try to sell it to you for more, but they usually cost around 1 or 2 dollars (at least a year ago they did). 

4. walk around La Habana Vieja 
this is one of my favorite things to do in the city. You’ll come across live music in the street corner, nice little bars selling cheap beer or fancy restaurants too, and  lots of street dogs will follow you around asking for food. And I must say, don’t worry about creepy and bad looking alleys, Havana is mostly safe. I have never witnessed any type of mugging or violence. 

5. go for a walk at Quinta Avenida 
one of the most beautiful avenues in Havana, where people walk their dogs, roller skate, stop for a smoke, and at night, gather to drink and dance the night away. 

If you are going to Cuba, make sure to follow these tips to have a more thorough understanding of the Cuban culture, but at the same time, enjoy the luxuries the country can offer.

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