Traveling soon? Don’t forget to pack your carry-on bag with all you’ll need for a plane trip.

  1. snacks snacks snacks: I don’t know why, but whenever I’m on a plane and I’m bored, my favorite thing to do is eat. So when the time comes, you have got to be ready! Knowing myself, I’d always go for sweets. But it’s important to have balance so that you don’t feel nauseous or anything like that. So here’s a list of suggestions: dry fruits, chocolates, cookies, crackers, chips, nuts, granola bars, packed cold sandwiches.
  2. travel pillow: I was always reluctant to bring a travel pillow because I don’t like carrying it. But there’s a solution to everything! Make sure you buy the pillow that has a little string that allows you to tie it to your carry-on bag. That way you won’t have to worry about it. And trust me, you WILL need one. Plane seats are really uncomfortable and a travel pillow can change your trip.
  3. jacket/hoodie: it is always cold in planes!!! Even if you are traveling from a hot weather country to another, make sure to bring another layer with you. You don’t want to be cold and uncomfortable during your flight.
  4. medications: if you take daily medications, don’t forget to pack them in your carry-on. Even if you are going for a short flight, it is always important to have it with you in case of an emergency or if your bag is lost.
  5. earphones: if you’re the type of person who enjoys listening to music or watching movies on your devices, make sure you have your own earphones. Even though the airline might provide you with one, they are usually of low quality and uncomfortable.

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