Many people think of Brazil as only Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Yet little do they know that the Northeast region of the country is filled with small pieces of paradise.

In this post, I will introduce you to two of my favorite destinations in Brazil that will make your eyes pop.

  1. Fernando de Noronha: an archipelago that consists of 21 islands. Because the islands are so small, the government only allows 430 tourists at a time. The main attraction at this island is the sea life including dolphins, manta rays, sharks and sea turtles. One of my favorite things about the island is that the main transportation method are buggies. You can rent one and feel free to explore every corner of Noronha. The most beautiful beaches in my opinion are Sancho Bay and Pig Bay. Noronha is also one of the best places for diving. Its clear and warm waters provide excellent visibility.

2. Bonito: in Mato Grosso do Sul, Bonito is one of the main ecotourism and adventure tourism destinations in Brazil. In Bonito, attractions such as the Blue Lake and the Mimoso Caves, the Natural Aquarium and the Sucuri River are famous for their breathtaking scenarios. Rafting, floatation in small natural lakes, treetop walking, waterfalls, caves, tracking and diving are what the city is known for. The Abismo Anhumas is one of the most famous destination where you are able to dive or snorkel in the most beautiful and crystal clear underwater caves.

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